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Guide to living & studying in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam!

If you currently study at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam, you will surely have browsed through our website from start to finish and know everything there is to know about what to expect from your studies in the coming years. But many students are bound to have questions about what else is involved with respect to living in Amsterdam longer term as a music student. is designed to help you find your way around Amsterdam. Here we help you with everything you need to know about living and studying music in the capital of the Netherlands. Sometimes we provide the information ourselves, but mostly we provide many useful links to where you can find all the details.

For example, how do you find housing? What legislation and regulations do you have to deal with if you want to work as an international student? And if necessary, where can you go if you are ill? But also: tips about going out, shopping, sports, et cetera.

In short: you’ll get even more out of your studies if you feel at home in Amsterdam. Welcome!

Click here for a 360° virtual tour of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam!